Our Story

Hi, we’re Adaptiv

We provide world-class integration, consulting and execution, and data and analytics services. We have a wealth of development and integration experience in moving clients from around the world onto cloud platforms.

Welcome to Adaptiv, an independent, solution-agnostic integration practice founded in 2010. We recognised a gap in the market for a consultancy that specialised in integration and offered independent advice, free from vendor bias. And so, Adaptiv was born.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in integrating systems, applications, and data. Our expertise has helped our clients, both in New Zealand and Australia, to move to cloud platforms seamlessly, with clear and measurable value to their bottom line.

In 2022, we expanded our offering to include data and analytics services, leveraging our depth of data experience. Our clients have welcomed this as a natural evolution of Adaptiv.

As a proudly New Zealand-owned and operated consulting partner, we have been delivering world-class integration, consulting, and execution services to our clients for over a decade. Our team of 40 staff operates from our offices in Auckland and Christchurch. Adaptiv is co-owned by Ashley Helm (Managing Director) and Nikolai Blackie (Principal Architect), with Phil Cullen serving as General Manager.

At Adaptiv, we are known for our broad and deep knowledge of everything data. Our clients appreciate our ability to quickly deliver outcomes they can bank on. We are fast, friendly, agile, and no-nonsense. We have a reputation for providing professional service that is second to none.

We understand that our primary focus must be excellence in everything we do, from delivery and people to thought leadership and outcomes. Our range of flexible partnering models means that we can lead the way on implementation or provide valuable guidance and support to your teams and partners.

When you work with us, you get results faster and for less. Our specialisation in system, data, and application integration for enterprise clients mean that, in many cases, we can deliver your projects twice as fast and for half the cost of internal development teams. Our clients value our expertise and have said as much, with Vicky Harvey, a Systems Specialist at Computer Concepts, stating that “Adaptiv was very good at working closely with us to successfully implement our mappings. They are very responsive to any request. We’ve been very happy with the work they’ve done.”

“Adaptiv’s culture of engagement and professionalism, their deep knowledge, and willingness to offer advice and beyond, have been a hallmark of our relationship over the years. The trust and respect we have for Adaptiv is built on their legacy of outstanding delivery for PlaceMakers.”

Mark Phillips

General Manager of Technology for the Distribution and Concrete Divisions, Fletcher Building Group

We are proud of the local companies we have worked with over the years, including Fulton Hogan, Fletcher Building, PlaceMakers, KiwiRail, Victoria University of Wellington, PGG Wrightson, and the Electoral Commission. We have also worked on projects in Australia, collaborating with other partners or working directly with customers, such as Fletcher Building Group businesses: Fletcher Insulation, Laminex, and Tradelink.

At Adaptiv, we are passionate about our work and are dedicated to helping our clients gain a formidable strategic advantage. We look forward to working with you and delivering measurable value to your bottom line.


“Adaptiv is very responsive. Unlike some other partners we tried, you can talk directly to the person doing the job, rather than going through three or four different people.”

Warrick Atherton

Group information Systems Manager, Fulton Hogan

Local people, international experience, value customers

Although based in New Zealand, we also deliver projects internationally.

Locally, we work with numerous well-known New Zealand companies, including Fulton Hogan, Fletcher Building, PlaceMakers, KiwiRail, Victoria University of Wellington, PGG Wrightson, and Electoral Commission. In Australia, we collaborate on projects with other partners, or work directly with customers such as Fletcher Building Group businesses: Fletcher Insulation, Laminex and Tradelink..

Our Vision and Values


Is to enable you to successfully amplify the business value of your existing line of business applications and to deliver the solution strategically, quickly, and for less.

Be the Best

We strive to be the best that we can be in all facets of the organisation

Challenge and Innovate

We always challenge the norms and innovate for a better outcome. Nothing is sacred (except maybe the All Blacks…but even they innovate!)


We always conduct business with the utmost integrity and never engage in conduct which could be called into question. If promises are made, deadlines set, or quotes delivered, Adaptiv will always deliver.


Honesty is at the core of all dealings both internally and externally.


Professionalism in all things is key to confidence from the client, building a premium standing in the market and internal cultural buy-in.


Kindness and Support is a key part of the Adaptiv culture and filters through to client execution. Experience tells us that going the extra mile to help a client or colleague always has an exponential pay back


Make it fun, otherwise what’s the point?

person farming vector


At Adaptiv, sustainability is central to our mission. We’re committed to integrating sustainable practices into our operations, successfully achieving zero carbon intensity and total emissions of 11.49tCO2e to date. We’ve fostered a work-from-home policy to reduce commuting emissions and have a policy of offsetting business travel with carbon credits. We’ve also implemented robust recycling initiatives, digital meetings, and paperless operations to reduce waste. Energy-saving practices are an everyday norm in our offices. Looking forward, we’re exploring options like energy-efficient hardware and green procurement to further lower our environmental impact. At Adaptiv, our dedication to sustainability reflects our core values of integrity, honesty, and professionalism as we continue to lead in our field and shape a sustainable future.