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Data & Analytics

Our data practice is dedicated to helping you leverage your real-time or historical data, regardless of its location or format, to gain a formidable strategic advantage.

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Our Solutions

  • Analytics Consulting
  • Migration Solutions
  • Data Visualisation Solutions
  • Leverage true business value from your data

    With our data practice, your data is in safe and more than capable hands. Our consultants will work alongside you to help leverage true business value from your data, with end-to-end strategies for everything data. From its lifecycle, storage, and usage, right through to analysis.

  • Years of experience

    Given our years of experience with the world’s leading cloud platforms, we can happily work on your preferred technology. (And we know our SQL and Python inside out).

  • No-nonsense professional service

    Even if we’ve not worked together before, you can be confident that our broad and deep knowledge will quickly deliver outcomes you can bank on. And we don’t muck around. We have a reputation for fast, friendly, agile and no-nonsense professional service.

The 4 Steps to Data & Analytics Success

  • Discovery

    We work alongside you to understand your needs, your data, your data-producing systems, and your desired outcomes.
  • Strategy & Design

    Our best architects and developers work with you to define the right strategy (tactical or strategical), and then create the perfect analytical landscape in your existing on-premises or cloud infrastructure.
  • Deploy & Configure

    Sit back and relax, we own this step! Our developers follow your internal DevOps and coding standards policies. Your work will be done on time and within budget (as long as there’s no scope creep). We’ve done this before, and for many years, and we’re very good at it.
  • Support

    Once your solution(s) are in place, we’ll help you look after them and ensure they are performing optimally. Our team of dedicated support engineers are on call 24/7 and are known for their ability to help getting business-critical applications and environments back on track in a snap.

Why talk to us about your data and analytics?

We are experts in our field. But access to our expertise comes without the overheads and lack of agility often found when dealing with larger consulting firms.

We won’t hold up progress with complex processes and contracts when you just want us to get things done. Our aim is to accelerate delivery without cutting corners. We know you depend on us to help you improve how you do business, and you don’t have weeks to wait around for the paperwork to be done.

So, what can we do to help you with your data and analytics?

  • Need help joining data sets together for reporting?

    If you have no knowledge of the source systems or lack the internal technical expertise to join your data sets together, generating great reporting will be a familiar challenge. We can transform your data into a usable format and capture and organise batch or streaming data so it can be easily analysed.

  • Challenged by dirty, 
disparate data?

    If you’re trying to work with a mix of structured and unstructured data, without the technical knowledge or tools to do so, it’s likely you’re finding it a struggle. We can help you clean and conform your data so it’s human usable.

  • Short of internal capabilities and the right tools?

    Skilled data resources are in short supply, worldwide. When you partner with us, you have the people you need, when you need them. And because we do it every day, we can deliver solutions more quickly than an internal team on a learning curve.

  • Crying out for better business reporting?

    To remain competitive, you need to not only know your customers inside out but understand current trends, opportunities and threats. We use data-focussed tools to build real-time business intelligence reports and dashboards that empower you to stay on top, and out in front.

  • Seeking smooth cloud migration?

    Regardless of your cloud strategy, we know the SaaS tools and have the expertise to get your data onto the cloud of your choice. We can lift and shift your data clusters, services, and data warehouse without fuss. So, your organisation can enjoy the benefits of scalability and performance while optimising costs and offering your users a better digital experience.

  • Looking for a modern data lake design?

    We can design the right architecture and governance to enable your data lake to provide you with an almost limitless capacity and scalability for the storage and computing power needed to turn your structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data into valuable business insights.

  • Searching for a cloud data warehouse or need to optimise?

    Sometimes, only a fully managed, hosted cloud data warehouse (CDW) will do the job. We can match your business and data needs to the right future-facing platform or can help improve the performance of your existing data warehouse by as much as 50%.

  • Want to improve decision-making with AI and ML?

    The use of AI and Machine Learning provides more meaningful and forward-looking insights. So, of course, you can make better decisions. We leverage on-demand best-of-breed AI/ML services from Azure, Google Cloud Platform

We use leading technologies to minimise risk

We know that its important that you can count on us and what we deliver, so we use the latest industry-leading cloud technologies and platforms for everything we do. Naturally, our team is fully trained and certified.

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