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AFxY & AFQY Christchurch

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AFxY is a variation of the original AFQY event with the ‘x’ enabling speakers for the first time in 13 years! So the new format means starting at 3pm for AFxY speaker series to 5pm followed by AFQY the original networking event, where we can enjoy a few quiet yarns by “meeting the person, not the suit” with our famous ‘No selling’ rule to connecting before talking tech – as we have for 13 years.

Thu 5th Aug 2021

3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd, City Campus

Madras Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Event Format:

3pm Arrive and find you way to the Ara Institute MoA Facilities for networking

3.30pm Welcome Ryan the Lion Founder AFQY

3.40pm Speaker 1: Warwick Atherton, Group MIS Fulton Hogan

3.55pm Speaker 2: Hussein Elrakhawy: Ransomware

4.10pm Speaker 3: Jenna Morrias Ara Technology Grad- Their view of their future

4.30pm Speaker 4: Jason Swain, GM Info Sys of Seeka

4.40pm QnA

5.00pm AFQY Networking

Who is invited to attend

We invite Tech-End-Users to join us for an afternoon of insights from our 4 speakers before continuing for AFQY networking.

Speaker Bio and Presentation

1. Integration Keynote: Warwick Atherton, CIO Fulton Hogan

Warwick will share how Integration played a major part of the Digital Transformation of Fulton Hogan. A large organisation with heavy machinery through to office systems all communication and real time H&S had to have data flow from one system to another to deliver the value through the chain.

2. Security Deep Dive: Husssein Elrakhavvy, Ransomware

Hussein will be presenting on ransomware which is a regular threat. Taking a technical deep dive into this area he’ll identify areas of focus and concern.

3. Ara Institute Tech Grad: Jenna Hollis

AFQY works with Tertiary institutes and aims to bridge the gap between graduation and employment for both sides. so rather than an experienced person talk about students, we’re going to flip that and get a students perspective on their hope for a career.

3. Leadership Interview: Jason Swain, CIO Seeka

A fireside chat style with Jason who will provide some frank answers with Candor facilitated by Ryan will look at the challenges of leadership of an ICT team.

AFxY /AFQY Sponsors

DuO/Check Point – Mark Graham & Jo Haanstra

Kordia – Simon Wakelin & Simon Fraser

Boomi / Adaptiv – Glenn Archibold & Phil Cullen

Venue Partner

Ara Institute of Canterbury – Jan Connelly & Nigel Young

AFQY Rules

No Selling – the process is get to know the person as a person first, then as you develop conversation tech and work naturally comes in, but any pricing, offers, pitching is not allowed and risks being red-carded for 3 events.

No flicking cards out – you can’t give a card out, but you can ask for a card after you have had a good yarn – relationship first.

You can’t ask what a person does until the 3rd question – again meet the person, not their suit, the first two questions help you discover who you’re talking – uncover commonalities be it rugby or ballet or origami our diversity makes us inclusive before finding out what someone does.

If you a a Provider (Vendor, Disty, Reseller, Recruiter) then you are required to purchase a double ticket and bring an a Tech End User (CIO, CTO, CDO, CISO, Prog/Proj/Prod Manager, PM, BA, Dev, DevOps, etc etc) and put their name in the ticket – restricted to one person per non-sponsoring provider.

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