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Enhancing Operational Visibility: Leveraging Azure Workbooks - Part 2

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This is Part 2 of a 3-Part blog post that describes how to use the power of Log Analytics Workbooks to display tracking data that can be filtered, sorted, and even exported to Excel.

See Part 1 – Display Work Orders in a Grid with Filters for the first post.

See Part 3 – Automate Deployment for the third post. 

Step-by-step Instructions

This exercise will show how to display Work Order Status records in second grid based on the selection in the first Work Order grid.

It is assumed Log Analytics Custom tables called WORKORDER_CL and WORKORDERJOBSTATUS_CL have been created and populated.

1. Click Edit at the top of the screen, then click Edit underneath the existing parameter and grid. This is to enter edit mode for the group. Click +Add at the bottom right:

2. Select Add query:

3. Set the query as follows and click Run Query. All statuses will be shown. Click Done Editing on this new query.

4. To apply filtering based on the selection in the work order grid, Edit the work order grid, go to Advanced Settings, check When items are selected, export parameters.

5. Click +Add Parameter, fill in as follows, and click Save and Done Editing (Parameter name is SelectedWorkOrderNumber):

6. Go back and Edit the new Work Order Status grid KQL and add a where clause as follows:

7. Click Done Editing and Save.

Now clicking a row in the first grid will automatically populate the second grid with related records; in this case the second grid will list status updates for the selected work order number.


This blog post has demonstrated only a small feature set of workbooks. One advantage of a workbook is it provides a user interface for a non-technical end user to view tracking data without the need to code a separate high-maintenance web service.

Have a look at Azure Workbooks to start discovering the full potential of workbooks.

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