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The Adaptiv Advantage Vol. 10

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Wow, just like that, we’re into Q3 of the year!

It’s full steam ahead with our Adaptiv team back in the office and multiple in-person events planned over the coming months. In our latest edition of Adaptiv Advantage, we’ve put together a recap of content (in case you missed it) we think you might enjoy and profiles of our team members to help you get to know us better.

Adaptiv Integration Breakfast

We kicked things off with our Adaptiv Integration breakfast Friday morning in Christchurch as we talked about digital transformation with Adam Doocey from Smiths City Group. Adam shared his experience adopting Azure as an integration platform and how it benefited Smiths City Group. If you couldn’t make it and would like to know about our future upcoming events or the Smiths City Group story, give us a call.

Adaptiv Graduates

Throughout the 12 years we have been operating, we have seen numerous amazing graduates come through our program. Fresh out of study, we train and support them into becoming skilful integration developers and many have gone on to senior positions within our company. Our wonderful Graduate & Technical Analyst Thea Miguel talked with Auckland University of Technology about her experience as an entry-level developer and how the program is helping her to be the best she can be. It’s coming up to that time of year again where we’re on the hunt for a new graduate to join our team. Perhaps you know of someone who could be interested in a supportive, ambitious and social role – get in touch with our team today!

Meet our graduates

Jayden is one of our superstar Technical Analysts/Graduate Developers that assists the support team that monitors middleware and ensures messages and data freely flow through to where they need to go. Jayden came to us after studying a Bachelor or Information Communication Technology with Universal College of Learning as he has always had a passion for IT from a very young age. His favourite subjects was software and web development which in turn became his majors. He loves seeing his code make things happen. During his spare time, Jayden enjoys video gaming, movies, cars, mountain biking and programming.

Thea’s role at Adaptiv is a Graduate Developer and Technical Analyst. She supports our clients with any queries they have and make sure that services are running the best that they can. After finishing a Bachelors in Computer and Information Sciences with a Major in Software Development, Thea worked for a healthcare company as a Finance Systems Analyst before joining Adaptiv. She chose computer technology as a career as she knew that she’ll be constantly learning as IT is forever changing, in addition to developing her craft as a woman in technology. Thea specialises in Microsoft Azure, Dell Boomi, Biztalk and soon to be MuleSoft with a variety of experience in programming languages. In her spare time, Thea enjoys listening to music and podcasts, playing guitar, reading, camping and going to the beach.

Master Data Management

You’ve probably heard the term ‘master data’ bandied around but may not know precisely what it is. Adaptiv’s latest blog, Rhiannon Rogers and Philip Durrant explain how you can aggregate data from multiple sources into a single complete source of truth. In doing so, your business will be in a better place to make informed decisions through accurate and real-time Analytics & Reporting. Could this be the final piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for?

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