MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is the world’s leading integration platform for SOA, SaaS, and APIs. MuleSoft provides your business with exceptional business agility by connecting applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud, with an API-led approach.

Adaptiv is a MuleSoft recognised supplier. Our team of fully trained, experienced MuleSoft experts are on standby to help you.


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By leveraging Anypoint Platform, you can re-architect your SOA infrastructure from legacy systems, proprietary platforms, and custom integration code to create business agility. Migrate your technology infrastructure to the public or private cloud, and prioritise adoption of SaaS applications and other cloud technologies.

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Adaptiv has a long history of working with integration solutions on the MuleSoft platform.

We are adept at taking clients with large existing investments in older or outdated technologies on the journey to adopt MuleSoft solutions successfully.

As a trusted partner, we are constantly upskilling our team in MuleSoft technologies and certifications to ensure that we maximise the platform to the best of its ability for your business.



Migrate from an integration platform to another. 

Development, delivery, management and support of MuleSoft applications.

Integration load and performance testing.



It is critical to ensure that the valuable information you store and make available through software applications and web services is secure, protected from unauthorised users and malicious attackers.

To provide secure access to information, applications and services can apply a variety of security measures. MuleSoft’s runtime engine (Mule) offers a choice of tools and methods to help you protect your applications. Please talk to us for more information about how MuleSoft keeps your information secure.

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"Adaptiv’s culture of engagement and professionalism, their deep knowledge, and willingness to offer advice and beyond, have been a hallmark of our relationship over the years. The trust and respect we have for Adaptiv is built on their legacy of outstanding delivery for PlaceMakers."

Mark Phillips, GM of Technology for the Distribution and Concrete Divisions, Fletcher Building Group

"Adpativ once again delivered to scope and within a very tight timeframe."

Warrick Atherton, Group Information Systems Manager, Fulton Hogan

"They were knowledgeable and super easy to work with. We appreciated Nikolai’s experience with newer software vendors as well. And he gave us really honest feedback about what we were trying to do, and what would work, or not."

Micky Heath, Project Manager, Victoria University of Wellington

"Adaptiv is very responsive. Unlike some other partners we tried, you can talk directly to the person doing the job, rather than going through three or four different people."

Warrick Atherton, Group Information Systems Manager, Fulton Hogan


"From the outset of our initial engagement, we were very pleasantly surprised. Adaptiv very much shared our cultural values and were a perfect partner for us."

Mark Phillips, GM of Technology for the Distribution and Concrete Divisions, Fletcher Building Group


"Adaptiv are a brilliant integration partner with great technical skills. They’ve translated our end goals into solid, reliable solutions."

Jason Toogood, Business Intelligence Specialist, BM Accounting


"Adaptiv’s industry knowledge gave us a real head start. That was very important to us."

Kieran Morgan, CFO, Airbow Systems


"Adaptiv was very good on working closely with us to successfully implement our mappings. They're very responsive to any urgent requests. We’ve been very happy with the work they’ve done."

Vicky Harvey, Systems Specialist, Computer Concepts



As an integration leader, Adaptiv has significant line-of-business application expertise. We have assisted customers like PlaceMakers and a leading fashion retailer  with our outstanding technological and industry expertise, integration capabilities, and professional guidance.

We work with you to personalise your integration.

Adaptiv focuses on hybrid cloud API integration implementations. Our goal is to enable customers to unlock the value of their hybrid cloud application architectures and efficiently integrate them within and across organisational boundaries.

We offer end-to-end services.

Adaptiv is one of MuleSoft’s most successful and experienced implementation partners in New Zealand. Our services range from strategy and implementation, through to application management and 24/7 support. You are only ever a phone call away from the consultant who is working on your project.

We’re here to help you along your migration journey.

Adaptiv can assist with migration and cohabitation strategies with Mule ESB, and provide advice and hands-on help to retain and reuse existing .NET and WCF technologies in a Mule ESB architecture.


Start here. Contact us to organise a strategic 3-hour solution-agnostic meeting to discuss which technologies will accelerate your digital transformation strategy most effectively.

At the end of this technology and partner briefing, you will have an overview of how the integration process will support your businesses strategy, an understanding of the business benefits, and the required skills, experience and capabilities of a trusted partner.


What are the top advantages of working with a certified MuleSoft integration partner?

The top advantages of working with Adaptiv, a certified MuleSoft integration partner, include access to expert guidance on API-led connectivity, tailored solutions to fit your unique business needs, industry-specific knowledge, and faster implementation of your MuleSoft projects. Adaptiv’s experience ensures a seamless integration process and a higher return on investment for your organization.

How does a MuleSoft integration partner help in implementing API-led connectivity solutions?

Adaptiv helps in implementing API-led connectivity solutions by leveraging their expertise in designing, developing, and deploying APIs that connect your applications, data, and devices. They also provide support for the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, enabling your organization to manage APIs effectively and securely, while accelerating your digital transformation journey.

What are the key MuleSoft services offered by an experienced integration partner?

Key MuleSoft services offered by Adaptiv include API strategy consulting, custom API development, Anypoint Platform implementation, data integration, application modernization, and ongoing support and maintenance. These services ensure that your organization can effectively harness MuleSoft’s capabilities to enhance business processes and digital experiences.

How can a MuleSoft integration partner improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure?

Adaptiv, as a MuleSoft integration partner, can improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure by streamlining application and data integrations, ensuring secure and seamless connectivity, and reducing the time and effort required for manual coding. This enables your organization to focus on innovation and growth while maintaining a robust and scalable infrastructure.

What are the best practices for selecting the right MuleSoft integration partner for your business needs?

Best practices for selecting Adaptiv as your MuleSoft integration partner include evaluating their experience and certifications, reviewing case studies and client testimonials, considering their industry expertise, assessing their communication and project management skills, and ensuring they offer a comprehensive range of MuleSoft services tailored to your business needs.


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