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Enabling Next-Gen Omni-Channel Payment Processing with Event-Driven Architecture

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The payment landscape has evolved drastically over the last couple of years and electronic payment (e-payment) is taking a leap in recent months due to the pandemic. Developed countries are enforcing e-payment as part of their vision for Smart Nation whilst emerging economies are broadening their customer base into the previously unbanked population.

New technologies have already simplified and smoothed business-to-business and business-to-customer experiences with mobile payments, e-wallets, and contactless cards. Payment System Providers (PSP) are also under pressure to provide peer-to-peer payments beyond traditional banking models, and to facilitate a cashless society that can enable any purchase, anywhere and anytime.

With the intense competition in the payment space, organizations are looking into modernizing their payment platforms for agility and scalability for the increasing volume of transactions online without an exponential cost in underlying infrastructure.

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