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This is what we do

Your application is only as good as its performance under stress. Sure, it’s smooth running under optimal conditions, but how does the user experience hold up at peak times?

Performance and load testing are an essential element of most projects.

With modern connectivity and accessibility, some solutions receive many thousands of requests per hour. So being able to maintain client or user experience under load is critical.

Adaptiv can effectively test high load situations, including creating high numbers of users or requests on the system concurrently. Throughout the testing process, we model and map the impacts of load on the performance of the system to match and test these against your requirements.

Our testing is performed using best-in-class testing products and processes. These tests can be performed rapidly and repeatedly by Adaptiv’s expert in-house QA specialists.

This is what you get

Through performance and load testing, you can guarantee the performance of your application through thick and thin.

The outcome? Your business-critical application will deliver a consistent user and client experience, which is not degraded at times of high or unusual usage.

We work with you to plan and establish a vision of optimal performance, undertake a series of test tasks, measure the test and environment design and report on areas of potential vulnerability. Then we execute the changes required to ensure your application is robust and will perform effectively within the agreed parameters.