A Few Quiet Yarns Auckland Networking Event

20th May 2021 - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Welcome to May 2021 - AFQY - an event for Technology-End-Users to share experiences peer to peer in a relaxed environment created by the "Meet the person" approach. An event for ICT technology end users to share experiences in a relaxed environment.

A Few Quiet Yarns has run for 13+ years bringing together good people from the tech industry in a relaxed networking environment, created by the 4 rules below that focus on "Meet the person, not the suit".


AFQY officially begins at 5:30 find Ryan at entry to show your ticket get a stamp on your hand and grab a beverage, Beers, Wines, Soft drinks and food will be available.

The start a conversation, no selling, no card flicking and enjoying meeting the person, not the suit!


Official Welcome and introduction of everyone to everybody - and an introduction to meet our sponsors - 10min


We invite guests from the audience up - to briefly introduce who they have met tonight


We close officially, and the bar goes back to a cash bar, you're welcome to stay, most do for a few more hours


1. "No Selling" (You can talk concepts, but not pricing and product names)

2. "No giving your card out" (You can be asked after a yarn)

3. "You can't ask what someone does til the 3rd question" (Find out about the person first)

We employ the principles of gamification - break the rule, earn the consequence of being walked out with a "Red card" which incurs a 3 event ban.


Auckland University of Technology

55 Wellesley Street East

Auckland 1010



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