The 10 best integration practices for successful Boomi AtomSphere solutions

Boomi AtomSphere is one of the leading integration platforms in use today.

Its cloud-native platform, support for varied skill levels, low code, and visual UI make Boomi an exceptional tool for all businesses, from organisations with a handful of IT staff to multi-national enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. Boomi does an excellent job of ensuring that all practitioners, regardless of skill level, can deliver success. However, to really get the most out of Boomi, it’s essential to work in alignment with the platform. This paper discusses ten best practices for delivering successful, maintainable, supportable, and performant solutions using the Boomi AtomSphere platform.

What you’ll take away from this eBook:
1. A clear understanding of the 10 best practices for a successful integration including; Architecture, naming and structure, process design, messaging, cashing, error handling, security & privacy, performance and platform monitoring.
2. How to get the most out Boomi AtomSphere, and reduce costs in the process
3. An understanding of when you can break the rules and how you could benefit by doing so. 



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